Designs Well Done

Design should never be an after thought

Each Jordyblue sofa has a unique design sensibility that makes it fit right into your use case. By working with independent designers and focusing on designs that are both functional and aesthetic, we have come out with a class of products that you will be proud to own.
Upmarket and Affordable

Crafted with the finest materials

Every substance that goes into making a Jordyblue has been hand-picked based on quality, aesthetic and durability. The high resilience foam used in the cushions are trusted for comfort and long life. The upholstery choices have been curated to ensure maximization of beauty and durability.

Precision taken to the edge

The manufacturing process of each Jordyblue is highly controlled and curated. The precision to translate our great design into impeccable products is ensured with modern machines and a manufacturing plant that works under the watchful eyes of industrial engineers.

Jordyblue Homes